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The Hughes Center

Guided by Nature’s Sunshine’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Matthew Tripp, The Hughes Center for Research and Innovation brings together experts from scientific and medical fields to pursue discovery and understanding of nutritional supplements.

Equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation, and combining the skills of accomplished scientists, researchers and medical professionals, The Hughes Center for Research and Innovation creates a unique environment in which to pursue scientific discovery and advancement, and is the hub of Nature’s Sunshine’s new-product development. 

The Hughes Center utilises advanced technology and innovation to analyse interactions between the body’s systems and nutritional supplements at a molecular level, enabling the development of the most synergistic, bioactive and efficacious formulations.

For more than 40 years Nature's Sunshine has been recognised as the industry standard for high-quality supplements. Now, backed by scientific discovery and supported by world-renowned manufacturing expertise, Nature’s Sunshine are changing the way that herbal and nutritional supplements are developed. 



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