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Solstic Slim



Everybody’s weight loss needs are different.  Some people find themselves eating between meals or late at night.  Others may have a slow metabolism that keeps them from achieving their weight loss goals. And whilst a healthy diet and exercise are important, we recognise that for many of those with busy, demanding lifestyles, it’s not always easy to maintain a good wholesome daily diet, or to fit in the ideal regular exercise regime.

Solstic Slim - a great tasting drink mix formulated to support any weight management programme, by helping to manage cravings, and reducing fluctuations in blood sugar that can occur as a result of unhealthy snacking.

And for those that need a helping hand, Solstic Slim has been specially created by experts, to help you towards your target weight, with four key ingredients, each chosen for their unique benefits, that have been formulated in a way that maximises their potency. 

Solstic Slim’s special formula includes Green Coffee Bean extract, which contains chlorogenic acid, a well-known slimming ingredient.  Grape Skin Extract, which contains resveratrol, known for its antioxidant activity, Green Tea extract, and Yerba Maté, to help promote feelings of fullness.

Containing only natural ingredients, each delicious huckleberry flavoured serving of Solstic Slim contains only 15 calories and 3g of carbohydrates, with no fat, sugar, yeast or gluten. It contains sucralose, a sweetener made from natural sugar, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

No fads or gimmicks and no synthetics, just pure natural ingredient to help you achieve your goals.

To Support any Weight Management Programme

Solstic Slim - Multipack

(SRP: £99.95)  Your Price: £84.96Solstic Slim - Multipack

Ordering online will give you a massive 15% off the Suggested Retail Price (SRP).

Save money with this multi pack of Solstic Slim -  specially formulated to help you towards your target weight in a number of ways...  Suitable for vegans.





Product Code: 9815

Solstic Slim (30)

(SRP: £29.95)  Your Price: £25.46Solstic Slim (30)

Ordering online will give you a massive 15% off the Suggested Retail Price (SRP).

Formulated by experts to support your weight management programme, this great tasting drink mix includes ingredients that help to manage cravings and promote satiety. Just add to water - only 15 calories per serving. Suitable for vegans. 


Product Code: 6503


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