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Solstic Energy



Energy is essential for life, and most of us feel we could do with more of it at some point throughout the day.  But instead of reaching for a cup of coffee, a fizzy drink, or a sugar loaded energy product, why not opt for the natural alternative.

Some energy drinks can overload your body systems with sugar, processed caffeine and other ‘quick fix’ ingredients, to give you a quick boost - often followed by a sudden, vitality-sapping, energy crash, which can leave you feeling jittery and jumpy, and in need of another boost.  Long term high-sugar and caffeine consumption can lead to a variety of health issues, including dehydration, acidic pH levels, irregular heart rate, sleeplessness and digestive issues.

To live your life to the full you need plenty of energy, and Solstic’s blend of natural, energy releasing ingredients can help to provide added stamina, without added risk.

Solstic’s unique formula includes Yerba Maté, and Guarana Seed - natural sources of caffeine that releases more slowly than processed caffeine, plus Green tea extract. The B vitamins in Solstic Energy provide an array of health benefits that contribute to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue, normal energy yielding metabolism, and normal function of the immune system, providing energy, endurance and stamina.

Solstic Energy is a little pack with a mighty punch!  It has a great natural citrus flavour, and has been carefully formulated to support the body’s own energy-producing systems to provide a sustained release of energy whenever and wherever you need it.  Each serving of Solstic Energy contains only 15 calories, 3g of Carbohydrates, and no fat, sugar, yeast or gluten.  It contains sucralose, a sweetener made from natural sugar, has a low Glycemic Index, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

TAKE THE HEALTHY OPTION … Choose Solstic Energy

Solstic Energy - Multipack

(SRP: £99.95)  Your Price: £84.96Solstic Energy - Multipack

Ordering online will give you a massive 15% off the Suggested Retail Price (SRP).

Four Pack - 120 sachets. Contains only 15 calories, no fat and only 3g of Carbohydrates. Includes an excellent range of B Vitamins, it has a low Glycemic Index, and contains no pharmaceutical grade caffeine. Suitable for vegans.



Product Code: 9684

Solstic Energy (30)

(SRP: £29.95)  Your Price: £25.46Solstic Energy (30)

Ordering online will give you a massive 15% off the Suggested Retail Price (SRP).

Solstic Energy is a great tasting energy drink that provides a superb range nayural ingredients, and B vitamins for energy. Only 15 calories per serving, andf a great alternatve to coffee or sugar loaded energy drinks. Handy single serve sachets. Available in money saving multi packs.

Product Code: 6501


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